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Treatment begins similarly to any other form of psychotherapy with me and client developin

What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling enables you to release negative emotions without the need to talk about past events.

It works by using your body’s energy system, rather than your retelling of painful events, to identify and diffuse negative emotions. It gives you the power to move on from the emotional burdens of the past into the present with positive feelings. This is often integrated into your session.


Silent Counselling is a form of Meridian Energy very similar to Energy Psychology that combines ancient Chinese medicine with modern day psychology connecting the Mind & Body.

By touching and breathing on acupuncture points while thinking about an event/problem and using muscle testing we can get right to the root problem, and understand where it stems from to then move on and release the negative trapped energy that is creating this imbalance in the body.

















Silent counselling is unique in its power and effectiveness, as the use of words are not needed. It works by using your body’s energy system, rather than the client retelling of painful events, to identify and diffuse the negative emotions.


The session continues by identifying a particular trigger, which is a thought, image, or memory that sparks upsetting or anxiety-producing feelings, and then the client is asked to rate how distressing that trigger is on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest distress. 


The next step is to have the client touch and breathe on certain acupuncture points, called acupoints (Meridians) while releasing the negative emotions.


The way it works is that the brain is expecting a highly unpleasant emotional reaction to occur in response to the trigger, but it doesn’t because the pressing/ touching of the acupoints has “temporarily deactivated the limbic response.”

In this way, with many repetitions, patients learn to in effect neutralise the emotions that painful or upsetting thoughts or memories evoke. 

After the touching and breathing is complete, the client is asked again to rate the trigger, perhaps describing physical symptoms as well. 

The process to certain acupoints is repeated until the rate goes down to zero, or very close to it. 


It is being used to treat a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, stress, feeling stuck, lost of mojo, brain fog, feel lost, physical pain, and phobias.

 The research certainly looks extremely promising, showing energy psychology to be effective with only a few treatment sessions for a whole host of psychological disorders. 


Silent Counselling was born in Dundee by Marjorie and John who were both experienced energy psychologists. They had trained in Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy methodology. Marjorie had studied Bio-Energy Healing with Michael Dalton, the architect of Bio Energy. Both were well-versed and experienced in a portfolio of other healing therapies too. Their counselling practice had a contract with the local council who referred people to them suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. They created silent counselling when a young woman came to their clinic and could not speak because of the trauma she had experienced in her life. The great news is that by using the Silent counselling method after a few sessions the young lady was able to release the trauma and move her life forward positively.

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