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"I was nervous and a tiny bit sceptical as I am a talker so wasn't sure the silent part would help me...


Thank you... from the bottom of my heart. You've shown me the light at one of my darkest times and given me the confidence to trust and move forward.

I feel lighter, brighter, in control. I feel more powerful and trusting of a higher connection and tools to help me daily."



"Deborah is a very special person & her sessions have been a very important piece on my healing journey. I really can't believe how much she has helped me. My mind feels less cluttered, I can focus better which has made me feel more in control & less overwhelmed. I am calmer & at ease. I am getting better at recognising my emotions rather than ignoring them & Deborah has taught me how to release them using some of the tools I learned in her sessions. These tools are invaluable &

I can now use forever.


Thank you so much for sharing your magic & also for making me feel so comfortable in our sessions. You said some really meaningful things to me that I will never forget - These are some things that will come up for others & I know you will say it to them in exactly way they need to hear it."


"I feel a lot more calm

I don't blow up as much

I feel more in control of my emotions

I am sleeping better

My relationships have improved

I feel more confident

I feel more like my old self again


I really can't thank you enough for all your help. You really have made my life and my family life a 1000 times better. Silent counselling really does work when you give it your all and open yourself up to it."


This lady really is 1 in a million and can honestly say this course is 100% worth doing and I would encourage everyone to do this, regardless where you are at in your life this course will uncover things you need to work on you never even knew you needed and help you manage any kinds of worries and fears. It also showed me how to properly relax!! Honestly Deborah's meditations at the end really are a treat I could listen to them every night they really do open your mind.

Please invest in yourself you won't regret it!

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