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Heal without needing to talk! Get to the root cause & release the issue/block in your life.

  • 55 British pounds
  • Woodside Road

Service Description

why am I always tired why am I always unfocused why am I always sleepy why am I always angry why am I always sad why am I always tense Why, why, why??? These are questions that I use to ask myself on a daily basis, so I know how people are feeling when these questions are being asked. I actually used to think there was something “wrong” with me, that those feelings/emotions were a part of who I was and that nothing could be done to change it. If this is you, if you can relate to this and you find yourself asking these questions then allow your body to be the teacher. These why Questions that you are asking are your body’s way of subtly telling you that something is not right and that you either need to make some sort of change/shift or you have suppressed your emotions/thoughts for far too long. It is negative emotions that do the damage to our bodies. Silent counselling is a modality to discharge these negative emotions which get trapped in the body due to trauma and events that happen. Once you release these emotions that you’ve carried for far too long, you will still remember what happened, but they will no longer affect you. And this is the aim of my work, to take a person FROM being a victim to their situation, their negative emotions TO realising that they have a choice and know they are a powerful being, fully aware of their worthiness and personal power. So If you are fed up with feeling this way and are wanting to gain control over how you feel and how you react to what’s going on around you and gain an understanding of what your body is trying to communicate with you then I would love to help you do just that. During our sessions you will gain so much understanding and have so many lightbulb moments and you will feel a lot clearer and calm afterwards. You’ve asked Why for too long it’s now time to ask “Show me how!” and book in now!

Contact Details

  • Tonik, Unit 3 Woodside Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4AF, UK


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