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Heal without talking, Move on & release the issue or block in your life. *Time shown is 1 session

  • 152 British pounds
  • online

Service Description

IMAGINE… If you had the energy, vitality, confidence and clear head to take back control of your life? Release self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck. Learn how to re-frame your fears, old behaviours and embrace the right mindset to start living your new reality. Within the 3 block container of Rapid Energy Release (Session Counselling) sessions I will guide you to achieve complete transformation and release the issue/block that is causing distortion in your life. Using the answers that your body gives us WE DISCOVER AND RELEASE BLOCKAGES THAT YOU MAY NOT EVEN BE CONSCIOUS OF. These intense sessions will ensure the eradication of the issue that is preventing you to move forward by unblocking and releasing any unwanted energy trapped in your body. Who is the Silent Counselling path for? It is for men and women who are dissatisfied with things as they are. For those who hear a faint whisper and a deep knowing that things can be completely different for them. It is for anyone that is struggling in any way shape or form, and that may not have the words to describe just what they are going through or how they are feeling. Most importantly, Silent Counselling is for those who are willing to make a change in their life and become the driver of their life and not a backseat passenger. What I have learned with all the many clients I have guided through my sessions and people that I meet that open up to me is, that people don't live the way they do because they like it, they live as they do, because they don't know what else to do. IMPORTANT INFO: The investment is for 3 sessions. Please book the next 2 sessions under Discovery call so that you will not be charged again.

Contact Details


Tonik, Unit 3 Woodside Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4AF, UK

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