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Cut out the guessing game and use the power of muscle testing!

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Intolerances! Do you think you might be intolerant to certain foods? Do you feel blotted after your meals or feel sluggish, just don't feel that great? These are all signs that something you are eating does not agree with you and you should avoid it ❌ However trying to pinpoint what foods are creating your discomforts can be time consuming and mind-boggling🤪🤯 I have been using something called muscle testing to help me gain clarity, which is fast and very accurate in listening to your bodies needs. This is why I want to offer 30 mins sessions to you so that you too can come away ✅Knowing what foods NOT TO EAT 🚫 ✅ Learn a new technique that you can use daily to help you listen to your body ✅ Release toxins from your body that can also be creating an unpleasant environment for you to physically and mentally feel your best. **** DISCLAIMER THIS IS BY NO MEANS AN ALLEGY TEST. IF YOU BELIEVE TO HAVE AN ALLERGY YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR GP.***** I can help you cut out the guessing game and use the power of muscle testing to uncover which foods are for the greater good of your health and which are just not good for you!

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