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Anatomy of your Soul

Your Souls profile/blueprint

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  • Woodside Road

Service Description

Anatomy of your Soul Your Soul is what animates you. So why would you not want to know yourself at a Soul level? Why keep your Soul separate from your body and current life? This is your opportunity to fully get to know who you truly are. Your Souls anatomy is essentially your Souls Profile which is a reading that's accessed from the Akashic Records. It is your Soul’s blueprint. Having this knowledge will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your purpose and this will help you understand where you might be out of alignment and how you can best use your Souls natural gifts in your current life. When we are not in alignment, when we live our life in dissonance, meaning we can’t truly feel joy and happiness in our core. Gaining more awareness and understanding of our Soul’s true essence will allow us to move away from dissonance and bring our body and current life into alignment and into a state of harmony. You will learn : The Soul type, archetype - Qualities and roles. This determines your Soul Gifts - things that come naturally to you. They are the seeds of your abundance in your life. Soul's Purpose & mission/contracts Your Soul Group of Origination - What solar system you are from and how it affects your character and behaviour. Your energetic quality, true nature Your Soul Profile describes the qualities of the Soul, the gifts, and talents that the Soul has chosen to bring with it into this lifetime. A Soul Group of Origination refers to the place that your Soul chose for its very first incarnation, it’s like the birthplace of your Soul. This is remote work, I do not need you to be physically present for this work, as I am working with your Higher Self Monad – Soul consciousness. Once you have booked can you please send me Your full name and maiden name if applicable. Date and time of birth Place of birth This information is to locate you in the Akashic field. Once you have book You may also choose to have an Akashic Records reading. Which is a more indepth reading. You can find this reading under Akashic reading.

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  • Tonik, Unit 3 Woodside Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4AF, UK


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