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Releasing your blocks to become Sovereign

  • 166 British pounds
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Service Description

This is a powerful 6 step process to discover you blocks and become Soverign. I have created this session to empower you so that you can be your own Alchemist. You will learn different techniques and modalities in the session that will last a life time. The steps: STEP 1 ~ Identify your block or blocks without your conscious mind getting in the way. This is done by connecting to the 7th plane of Existence. STEP 2 ~ Using the power of your own breath and key points on your body we begin to shift and clear the energy of your blocks. A very rapid process where you will literally feel your energy clearing. (This is non invasion and can't cause you any harm but I must stress that it can make you very emotional!) STEP 3 ~ Once each block has been cleared we will move on to check and balance your chakras. Over-active or under-active chakras influence how we express and interact within our environments, and can be the reason why positive or negative experiences are manifesting in our life. This is why it's key to bring you back into alignment by balancing your Chakras. This will help further with the release of your blocks. STEP 4 ~ Discover what matters to you and what you stand for. Once your blocks have been cleared it's time to help you find your life compass. When you know what’s important to you and start to live in alignment with your values you will feel a greater fulfilment, clarity and self-awareness. Our Core values keep us on our path and help us choose actions that are aligned with what we really want. STEP 5 & 6 will be done in your own time. - A workbook to work through - A statement to read out for 30 days. This final steps are crucial to the whole process. You are responsible for your own healing. you are your own alchemist. If you are willing to create a change in your life, and are ready to let of what is holding you back, what is blocking your path then this powerful programme is the tool to do just that.

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Tonik, Unit 3 Woodside Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4AF, UK

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