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Akashic Records

A deeper understanding of who you truly are.

  • 122 British pounds
  • Once you book I access your Akashic Records on my own. Then we meet online

Service Description

This is remote work, I do not need you to be physically present for this work, as I am working with your Higher Self Monad – Soul consciousness. Once you have booked can you please send me Your full name and maiden name if applicable. Date and time of birth Place of birth This information is to locate you in the Akashic field. The essence of this work is the re – configuring of our original (Atlantean) Light Body blueprint, our Soul memory system, to heal the layers of programming, wounding, trauma, & karmic patterning from lifetimes of persecution & indoctrination. It also serves to heal on an Ancestral level, as the re-programming serves to restore any discordant karmic imprints that influence & affect our current life experiences & relationships. The Akashic Records are an energetic library of information, kind of like google. They contain the details of your soul and all its journey. Everything that has ever happened to your soul through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities. When I access your Akashic Records, I’m speaking directly to your Higher self . The Akashic records help you gain a better understanding of yourself on a soul level. It also helps identify unresolved or unconscious blocks & wounds which helps to bring a greater acknowledgment of how in this lifetime you are being currently affected & influenced. Once you have given my permission to access your Akashic Records (simply booking your session is granting me permission) I state an opening pray and the process begins. I follow a very in depth protocol that helps me to build and identify who you are at a soul level and have a deeper understanding of any blocks, contracts and Soul mate you maybe perpetuating in this lifetime. Once I have written everything up I send it all to you via email. Then once you have had time to read through it we meet via zoom where I take you through an energy clearing decree and also give you a decree to say for 30 days. I strongly believe we have the capacity to change our reality with inner awareness, doing the work needed to re-pattern & re-program, so that we can re-create & evolve.

Contact Details


Tonik, Unit 3 Woodside Road, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 4AF, UK

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