I am Deborah Enrici

I am a mindset coach and Silent Counsellor Practitioner. 


At the age of 36 I took the decision to reclaim my identity.


Throughout our lives, we start over many times.

Change is constant.

Just like the moon changes phases and the water is continually moving,

us human beings, even though sometimes try and resist change, we are often silently screaming out for it.

To move forward there will come a time when CHANGE is inevitable.

I am Deborah Enrici, an Italian girl that grew up in Scotland. I graduated from design school and followed my passion for fashion to Italy where I opened a very successful fashion boutique.

What does all this have to do with where I am now? And most importantly how can I help you?

I have lived through a lot of dark moments. I have suffered a lot of pain, grief,  unfulfillment, and suffered an identity crisis. Nevertheless, I still had a burning desire within to make a change, to have my voice heard and to use everything I have ever overcome in my life to help other woman not just to exist, but to LIVE. I have made the decision to stop living like a victim and turn my pain into my purpose and power.

I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to Speak at a Global women's  empowerment conference, where I shared my story. I am also in the process of writing my book so that my story can be read by women all around the world and inspire them to make a change.

  Combining my skills I have acquired in different modalities and mastered over the last few years I want to guide women on how they can reclaim their identity, by giving them the tools to gain self-worth, find their purpose and personal superpower.

Are you ready to unravel and become?

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My biggest training and asset in my toolbox is the 39 years on this planet, with all it's pain and grief that has moulded. 

I call this type of qualification RESILIENCE.
It's through my pain that I have found my purpose to help and guide other people on their healing journey to return back to themselves so that they can reclaim their identity, self worth, find their purpose and see how fabulous they really are.

Know that I am on this journey with each and everyone to live a life that's truly aligned deep within my core.


© 2021 Deborah Enrici - Breathe with me