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Just Imagine....

Just imagine a world where each & every person knew their own magic, their own worth, their own value, their own purpose, their own power. Imagine just for a moment a world where each and every person living on this earth was aware & not asleep, not numbed by their problems or zombified by the media or social media. But AWAKE. This can only happen when humanity starts to take ownership by doing the inner work, the messy & deep work. The work that helps you remember who the f@ck you are, the work on remembering what you're worthy & capable of. That's when humanity will really wake up and this is exactly what my purpose on earth is to do. Who's ready?

"I unlock & unblock women into their most Empowered self on all levels, emotionally, mentally and energetically."

Deborah guides women to awaken to the greatness of their own existence through self-discovery, reconnection to self, uncovering their purpose, realise their self-worth and reclaiming their authentic voice. 

Deborah is part of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. They are one of the largest independent professional therapist/practitioner associations worldwide. They Certify and regulate alternative therapists, healers.


Deborah mentors people to pivot from feeling like victims in their own life to knowing they have a choice and helping becoming empowered. Through Somatic and energy work Deborah helps people heal themselves.


She is a trained in Silent Counselling also referred to as Rapid Energy release. 


She also offers Akashic record readings and clearings. 


And now is also trained in Sound Heling


Deborah has also studied other modalities like NLP and of course her biggest teacher, her biggest skill is the one called Life.

The Moon needs to disappear before it can return in all its Beauty, in all its Power and in all its Fullness.
And so do You!

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All emotions...

Especially those that are unexpressed, & repressed have physical, & mental effects.


They can start out like small ticking time bombs then over time explode into

Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Irritability, Anger, feeling stuck, dis-ease, and discomfort in the body.


Once released and cleared the body, the mind and soul can find calm, feel lighter and free.

New release

The Unravel & Evolve fillable workbook

Do you find yourself  going around in circles? 

You can't seem to stick to new habits and you want more and better for your life, and you know that you deserve more!

This workbook is perfect for you if you feel that something is holding you back from shining your true light. This workbook will be your ultimate guide back to a better you!

  • Your Souls profile/blueprint

    22.22 British pounds
  • This call is confidential and my aim is to understand what's going on.

  • Heal without talking, Move on & release the issue or block in your lif...

    152 British pounds
  • Heal without needing to talk! Get to the root cause & release the issu...

    55 British pounds
  • A deeper understanding of who you truly are.

    122 British pounds
  • Releasing your blocks to become Sovereign

    166 British pounds
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